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I am Falgoonee, a passionate nature photographer. I love to capture natural objects and beauty.

I was born in a small town Bagerhat, which is a famous coastal district of Bangladesh known for the world largest mangrove forest the Sundarbans.

I have completed Bachelor and Master’s in forestry form Khulna University, Bangladesh. From early student life, I started working for projects related with- Biodiversity index assesment, Ecotourism etc. and started to take photos. My service career started as a livelihood research officer to work for an NGO. Later, I joined Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations as a forestry expert. Photography and use photos for different purposes were my responsibility everywhere.

Unseen nature always fascinates me, and photography gives me pleasure. My goal is to make people fall in love with nature. I love to tell the story of diverse interaction between people and nature. Besides, I do commercial project-based photography also.

The target of this website is to share my published works, stories and visuals to attract the viewers and potential customers. I would like to be hired for the similar or different kind of work. I am waiting to accompany you in most remote palaces. To hire me or buy my photos please contact on the given address.